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Designing, implementation, and maintenance of IndigoVision end-to-end IP solutions for video surveillance.

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AllControl team provides the most advanced hardware and software solutions for video surveillance of business locations, buildings, public areas, traffic, and strategically important objects such as airports, hospitals, power plants…

Everything under control

We design and implement IndigoVision systems – globally best-of-breed in the area of professional IP video surveillance solutions. It contains network video recorders, IP cameras, work stations and encoders, and, its crown jewel – the intelligent software for monitoring, recording, analytics, and control of all alarms and hardware components of the system.

What makes IndigoVision unique globally is no single point of failure distribution network architecture.

The solution is compatible with other manufacturers’ products that are based on the ONVIF standard, so there’s no need for additional investments in dedicated hardware.

With our comprehensive experience in the integration of video surveillance and technical security systems, we provide you with a feeling of complete safety in your work environment, as well as full business protection.  

Control center – more intuitive than ever
What we offer

Video surveillance hardware

Extraordinary cameras

GX series provides excellent video quality, analytics, and performance in low-visibility conditions

BX series characterized by H.265 compression and Cyber Vigilant technology for detection of unauthorized intrusions

ULTRA series optimized H.265 compression and Smart core technologies optimize the costs of storage for large amounts of data

Types of cameras we offer


Camera resolutions


Network video recorders

For smaller systems – record up to 20 cameras, the capacity of 1-4 TB, Linux platform

For medium systems – record up 200 cameras, capacity 6-160 TB, bandwidth speed 2Gbps, Windows platform

For large systems – record up to 800 cameras, capacity up to 3 PB, bandwidth speed 4Gbps

Work stations

Mini client – a smaller, but powerful work station, ideal for small control rooms, 8GB RAM

Hybrid – combines the best of two worlds, a powerful workstation and an 8TB recorder, 16GB RAM

Platinum – ultimate work station performances with Intel Xeon processor and 32GB RAM


A simple but versatile solution for users in need of an IP video surveillance system without complicated licensing, IT infrastructure and other costly components it usually entails. The system is envisioned as an All-in-One solution that consists of a recording device, a network POE switch and a local workstation.

The only thing required is to choose between one of three Integra AIO devices (8, 16 or 24 channels) and a set of necessary cameras. The solution can also offer remote surveillance using a smartphone device if necessary.

Its simplicity makes it ideal for guarding objects in retail and other similar businesses.

The solution offers the possibility of remote surveillance of several different locations using one workstation in a single location.

Video Management Software

Monitoring, recording, alarm and hardware components management


Video Management Software (VMS) is an intuitive software solution that provides you with complete video surveillance system control through a central user interface while being easy to use and efficient.

It’s essential for security personnel in risk prevention because it allows a quick operator response time in critical situations, in which every second matter.

An excellent forensic tool for post-incident analysis.

Using maps and precise geolocation, the software detects where, when and which type of incident happened

It additionally allows for:

  • Live video monitoring
  • PTZ camera management
  • Automatic recording
  • Emails, notifications, and warnings through the alarm system

Advanced video analytics software based on AI and Machine Learning technology it’s your smart assistant in analyzing and deep understanding of security events. The software compresses hours of video recordings into just a few minutes, and, on request, displays only the events of interest.

The system is easy to use by searching for different criteria :

  • Type and make of a vehicle
  • Color
  • Persons by gender and age
  • Direction and movement speed of people and vehicles
  • Size
  • And much more

NVR-AS software application is in charge of recording, rewinding,  reproducing, and exporting video content.   

The alarm server is responsible for managing alarms and integrating with other systems.

Applications can be installed on any manufacturer’s server.


Video surveillance app on your smartphone lets you monitor what’s happening on the location of interest, at any time, no matter where you are.

Comes in iOS and Android version so that, when you’re not in the control room, you can still:

  • Watch the video stream live
  • Control PTZ cameras
  • Manage alarms in real-time
Turn data into valuable information
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