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www.allcontrol.rs website is owned and managed by the telecommunication engineering company AllControl d.o.o. (Hereon referred to as: AllControl). Documents, data and information published on the www.allcontrol.rs website must not be shared or used for any commercial purposes without explicit permission of AllControl or any manner that can cause damage to AllControl or any other third party. Documents, photographs, data and information published on these webpages can only be used for the individual needs of the website visitor (Hereon referred to as: User) with respect to all intellectual, ownership and third party rights.

By using the contents of these webpages the user automatically accepts all the risks that come with the use of AllControl-ltd.com website.

AllControl disclaims any liability for damages that can occur in any way or is in any way connected to the usage of these web pages, i.e. is not liable for any damage that may occur to the User or any other third party in regards to the usage of content of web site www.allcontrol.rs.

www.allcontrol.rs website contains information of AllControl’s services and links to other third party websites that will, whenever possible, be marked as such. AllControl does not have supervision over above mentioned information or other web pages and cannot be held responsible for the correctness and availability of contents of web pages from third parties.

www.allcontrol.rs website uses so called ‘cookies’. Cookies represent the accumulated data that the website generates and the web browser stores on the user’s disc in the form of a small text file.

Session cookies, small files that are placed on the user’s computer or mobile device over the websites that the user visits or small messages received through e-mail. Their use is widespread, so that web pages would function correctly and their owners could get business and marketing information.

Cookies contain text strings, that contain information about the user. It is not necessary for work that the cookie recognizes where the user is from, they only need to establish what type of web browser the person uses. Some cookies that AllControl uses save personal information about the user. However, that information is stored only by user’s choice, by entering them on the www.allcontrol.rs , and it is done only for the purpose of getting necessary information for easier usage and functioning of www.allcontrol.rs website.

Cookies are used for technical reasons to enable efficient use of www.allcontrol.rs website, i.e. to:

  • keep the website’s trafic balanced, so that the users get coherent and reliable services;
  • limit the trafic to key parts of the website to maintain work efficiency;
  • provide user connectivity with the correct web site service, when there are changes to the website workflow;
  • the user is focused on specific use of a service or specific servers;
  • give insight on how the visitors use the website and how the web site can improve in its use.

Cookies are used so that the user has an easier use of the www.allcontrol.rs website, i.e. to:

  • remember information the user entered in order forms during navigation trough different pages during the web session;
  • remember goods and services orders when it comes to pages that confirm transactions;
  • remember sign in identification on a website;
  • remember the applied settings, like appearance, size of text, color parameters;
  • display logins on a website.

Cookies that are stored for access to the www.allcontrol.rs website will be remembered for further use. Cookies stop being valid after a certain period (13 months in every case). The user has an option to delete cookies under settings in the web browser. All additional information about cleaning or blocking cookies are found on the aboutcookies.org link.

Internet browsers allow for changes in cookie options. Settings are often found in the “Options ” or “Prefrences ” menus. The below mentioned points can be of help if the user wishes to understand settings better:

AllControl on the www.allcontrol.rs webpage uses cookies for “targeting” that are connected to services of third parties, like the “Share on social media” option.

All of these cookies are controlled by third parties, and all additional information about privacy are located on third party websites. By use of www.allcontrol.rs website the user agrees for the use of “targeting” cookies. AllControl shall not be held responsible for any loss of function and/or quality of contents on the www.allcontrol.rs web page in the cases of user selected regulations of cookies receival.

More information about regulating/cancelation of these types of cookies are found on the link: www.networkadvertising.org/choices .

Furthermore, website www.allcontrol.rs tracks a statistical visit rate for the purposes of getting necessary information with the help of Google Analytics, analytical service on the web Google Inc. provides (from now on as “Google”).

Google analytics uses cookies, text files that are saved on the user’s computer, as a guide for the analysis on the way the user use the website www.allcontrol.rs. Google uses the given information for the purposes of evaluating the use of the site by the user, for the preparation of website activity report and use of the internet. Google will not connect the IP address of the user to any other data in Google’s ownership.

Additional information about Google analytics cookies, are found on Google’s pages that relate to providing help and privacy policy: Google’s privacy protection policy and Help of Google analytics. Google developed an additional JavaScript program for browsers that can be used to disable them (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js). If the user wishes to opt out of Google analytics, it is required to install an additional program to their web browser, additional information, can be found on the link.

AllControl is obliged to respect the anonymity and privacy of the www.allcontrol.rs website users. AllControl gathers personal information of the user only if the user provides that information willingly. AllControl is obligated to keep such user information in accordance with positive legislation and provide the said information only to the employees that require the data for work completion. All employees who are in contact with personal data of users during their work must comply with the principles of privacy policy. By request of a state authority, institution or responsible regulatory body, AllControl has the right to provide user’s information to those authorities, institutions and regulatory bodies in  accordance with applicable regulations.

By using the www.allcontrol.rs web page it is considered that the user is aware and in agreement with these general terms, including the provisions about personal information and the possibilities in regards to cookies.

AllControl keeps the right to, in terms of its business policy or changes in positive legislation, make changes in general terms of web page use, about which the users will be notified in the regular way.

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