TeleGroup donated funds for respirators and joined the great action of the City of Belgrade to combat Covid – 19

Da sve bude pod kontrolom

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By joining an action launched by the international organization UNICEF, TeleGroup donated funds for purchasing two respirators for healthcare facilities in Serbia. The goal of this action is to support our health care system in combating the Covid-19 virus pandemic in order to provide the most vulnerable patients with the necessary medical care.

TeleGroup also joined the City of Belgrade’s action in transporting and distributing essential life packages for senior citizens living in Belgrade.

“Solidarity and proactive support of the economic sector to our country in combating a pandemic is needed more than ever, as well as providing assistance to the most vulnerable population. In addition to the respirators supply, we support the City of Belgrade in the transportation and distribution of essential life packages for pensioners living in Belgrade with minimum incomes. We provided vehicles and our volunteers have already started delivery of packages during the weekend. We believe that as a society we will overcome this difficult situation and that together with partners from the public and private sectors we will find new ways to recover the domestic economy in the period ahead”, emphasized Žarko Filipović, General Manager at TeleGroup d.o.o. Beograd.

TeleGroup will continue to support the Serbian health system and the wider community through similar actions.

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