Physical security information management software

Automated management of technical security and building management systems from a single place.

Total control in one single place

When implementing technical security systems, one of the challenges that companies often face is manual control of different systems that aren’t connected.  AllControl team helps overcome this challenge by connecting all of your technical security and building management systems and providing you with automated video surveillance, access control, and fire detection system, all in one central place – a more efficient and cost-effective way to do business.

What we offer

We partnered with the company Advancis whose WinGuard solutions adapt to different sizes and needs of companies by functionalities and prices.

WinGuard comprehensive security management software (PSIM) collects, analyzes, and manages events from different technical security systems, or any other systems that affect safety procedures, in real-time. Its intelligent visual representation allows companies to easily and efficiently predict and identify critical situations and react promptly with defined procedures to prevent incidents and reduce business risks. 

The software comes in several packages, adapted to small, medium and large companies and organizations.


Open platform for a simple and efficient work of your control center

Allows for connection and visual representation of the entire technical infrastructure of your building and simplifies the managing of this very complex process in the control center.

Standardized procedures

Control center operator has insight into video content from the cameras, can track maps and other system parameters in real-time, and, by following strictly regulated procedures that are defined in the software, can efficiently solve and minimize incidental situations. 

CAD support

Importing and connecting CAD files provides a visual representation of alarms.


Platform can scale from a single work station to a complex control center that unifies all business locations inside and outside of the state borders.


Advanced reporting with analysis of different parameters that the system collects – from type and number of incidents, analysis of a specific time to zones and areas.

Notifications and mobile devices

To allow timely reactions, the platform distributes messages regarding incidents to work stations and smartphones – it supports sending SMS messages and video recordings. You can access the system using both iOS and Android devices.

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