Perimeter protection systems

Electronic detection of unauthorized intrusion protects your critical infrastructure on every level.

A fence isn’t enough

Perimeter protection isn’t as simple as it seems. If you’re one of the companies or organizations with critical infrastructure, the key question you will have to answer is: how do I create a system that protects the most sensitive parts of my business.

With AllControl, you will find a reliable technology partner that will help you map your critical vulnerabilities and implement the most effective electronic intrusion detection system to protect your business.

What we offer

Multiple level perimeter protection

As a certified Sorhea company partner – the leading European perimeter protection manufacturer – we offer all-encompassing solutions for business facilities, airports, police, military, public enterprises, energy sector, and other industrial complexes.

Infrared barriers

This solution acts as an invisible wall and automatically triggers the alarm in case of any irregularities during entry. These barriers allow for the creation of up to three unique zones in the infrared space, which allow you to precisely locate where the perimeter has been breached. This is the first line of defense of your protected area.

Solution consists of:

  • Transmitter which emits the invisible beam of infrared light
  • Receiver which detects the beam and analyses if it was received properly

Shock Detection Cables

An advanced anti-intruder system which triggers alarms in case of an attempted climbing, cutting or damaging the fence.

How the system works:

  • Sensors react to movement and vibrations and send the signal to the control unit
  • Control unit receives the signal and raises the alarm
  • Termination unit enables the completion of a loop as well as the connection of two detector cables.

Detector fence

The solution comprises an active fence made out of detector panels which raise an alarm in case of attempted climbing, cutting or breaking. It is the vigilant guardian of your perimeter

Dual detectors

This advanced technological solution decreases the number of false alerts. By using the Doppler effect, the detectors combine infrared and microwave sensors, and trigger the alarm only if both technologies determine there is an attempted intrusion.

Maxibus solution for centralized alarm management

A unit for centralizing alarm contacts of different Sorhea products in one place, that manages up to 800 alarms. Thanks to a network connection, it can be maintained remotely, as well as integrated with the leading VMS platforms on the market.

Volumetric intrusion detection

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