Facial, body and object recognition platform

Powerful AI recognition platform, transforming any camera into a smart device

Any scenario, anywhere, anytime

AllControl offers the most powerful AI security system, able to detect, track and recognize faces, bodies and objects in real-time or post-event, made by the Israeli manufacturer AnyVision.

This tool serves as the right hand in state and public security agencies in detecting, preventing and analyzing high-risk situations and other illegal activities. Its use is also found in the commercial sector where it can provide you with valuable information about your customers.

Integration of the facial recognition platform with the existing infrastructure turns your system into a powerful analytics tool that helps minimize your safety risks or understand the habits of your users and find out what they want – any scenario, at any place and any time!

Police, military, state security, and public security services

Power plants and critical infrastructure


Banks and financial institutions

Road traffic


Smart cities

Business facilities and complexes

What the platform provides

Safety first

By combining AI and face, body and object recognition technology, this powerful platform can:

Facial recognition technology

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Platform characteristics

Seamless integration with any camera in any location

GDPR compliant

0.1% false alarms & 0.2ms detection speed

Next level access control

AllControl provides you with the most advanced solution for access control currently available on the global market. By using facial recognition technology you can easily control who has access to the most sensitive locations and allow entry only to authorized personnel at any time, as well as limit the movement in and to restricted zones.

The solution can be integrated with your existing system for access control which makes it a powerful security and analytics tool.

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