Privacy policy

AllControl d.o.o. and its subsidiaries (collectively “AllControl”) are committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with a positive experience on our websites and in using our solutions and services.

All our employees within AllControl System are dedicated to your privacy and personal data protection.

According to relevant regulations, personal data include information on individual persons used for identification, such as name, surname, e-mail address, IP address, postal address, telephone no., etc.

This statement gives detailed information on potential processing of the personal data you provided. The act of revealing your personal data to us is considered to be the acceptance of this statement.


AllControl System collects these data only for the purpose of cooperation on a particular project or participation in a marketing event .

We collect personal data for various reasons, for example for the purpose of:

  • Processing your purchase order, including payment transactions;
  • Submitting applications for reception of magazines;
  • Sending of marketing announcements;
  • Creation of personal accounts;
  • Enabling usage of specific functions of our Solutions;
  • Customization of products and services as per your needs;
  • Providing customer support;
  • Job applications management;

Particular partner products have their specific web-sites and privacy policy applied. We appeal to users to be informed of these privacy statements clauses which are not managed by us.

If requested by a user, AllControl shall provide all required information related to Partners’ Privacy Policy Statements, and wherever possible, publish the link to the Partner’s web-site.


We have deployed very strict physical, electronic and administration security measures, for the purpose of prevention of unauthorized access, as well as preservation of data security. These data are accessible only to the employees and related entities who require these data for performing business or contractual obligations. All employees within AllControl System, as well as our business partners are obliged to comply with Privacy Protection Policy.


Private information collected by us are not and will not be used for trading of information. Private data are distributed to the third parties only for the purpose of execution of particular project, as well as by order of judical institutions in circumstances where it is strictly regulated by the Law.

Our products and solutions do not collect personal data, IP addresses and do not use cookies without previous user’s consent.


AllControl uses cookies on its web presentation, which enable identification of users. Cookies are small databases which are temporarily stored on the hard disc. Our cookies do not contain personal data so rest assured that your privacy is protected.

The option of browsing through our web presentation without cookies is also available. Most of the programmes for browsing through web pages automatically accept cookies, so be sure that you selected „no cookies“ option. Please find detailed information in the instructions given in your web reader. Selection of „no cookies“ option might prevent you of seeing all contents on our websites.


Any future changes of our privacy policy will be immediately published on this web page.


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