Access control and time - attendance system

Secure and transparent way of doing business.

Secure and transparent

If you want to protect your people, business facility and raise the operational efficiency to a higher level, AllControl is your partner to guide you in using the optimal technology and processes adapted to the specific needs of your business.

Access control

We provide organizations of all sizes the ability to monitor in real-time and manage the movement of people inside or outside of their place of business, with the added possibility of automatic control and restricted access to areas of importance such as labs, data centers, vaults, warehouses, etc.


Time- attendance management system

AllControl is here to help you optimize time-attendance process by using Matrix software on all locations, at every moment. Logging arrival at work, automated noting, and analysis of work hours are just some of the benefits of this powerful tool which helps your business run smoothly.

Biometric access control and time-attendance management
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